Marcus Bonfanti

27-year-old Marcus was born and raised in London to an English mother and a “dangerously Italian” father. Inheriting his dad’s work ethic, he shared an appetite for musical discovery with a younger brother who’s also in the business, as a respected bass player. Marcus, self-taught as a guitarist, has already packed plenty in, from LIPA (the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) to top level session work, from school days as a trumpet player to learning licks in his bedroom to the strains of ‘Black Dog.’

Bonfanti exudes a certain laid-back determination, coupled with an obvious passion for music of many kinds, that means you’d be brave to doubt his ability to get where he wants to go. A 2008 debut album, ‘Hard Times,’ set the scene and sent some subtly effective messages about a new British voice demanding to be heard. ‘What Good Am I To You’ makes good on all those promises.

The bold British blues growl of ‘Will Not Play Your Game’ and ‘Give Me Your Cash’ blends nicely with the swampland shuffle of ‘Goin’ Down,’ the more acoustically-flavoured ‘Devil Girl’ and the brilliant, breakneck instrumental ‘Tweed Blazer,’ which would give Link Wray a run for his money. “I’d like the record just to sound like me,” he says, “so when I hear it I go ‘Yeah, that’s the sum of all the parts.’